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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pub smoking poll.

Just a quick poll.

Be truthfull. (Actually you can tick whatever floats your boat).

If Pubs had a smoking room, would you visit them more often? free polls 


  1. no,I have got along without them for six years so they can go fuck themselves

  2. Well I have been going to the pub twice a week for god knows how long. Since the smoking ban the only changes are that 1) My wife does not hang my clothes out in the garden overnight. 2) My smoking friends smoke less, and are looking better for it!

    Even one of my smoking mates has noticed that his clothes don't reek, and thinks its an improvement.

    Popular eh?

    p.s. A pub I visited on the Isle of Man used to have an extractor system that was so effective you could not smell smoke in the pub, that would I think be the best solution.


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