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Saturday, 10 August 2013




  1. There was a computer company, I think it was Compaq, who received a statistically significant number of tech support calls asking where the any key was.

  2. If you bought a Netgear router some years ago (don't know about now) you would find that the factory set password was exactly that - "password".

  3. 'Intuitive' clearly means different things to different people.

    In the past, we used to do these things with special notations such as BNF. [Angle brackets are so cool!]

    Now, we use the same description for a letter box and the letters posted through it.

    In the somewhat less distant past, such things have been done in computer manuals using different fonts. This might be a good thing to return to: it at least gives a hint of difference to those who are less computer literate.

    Best regards

  4. My particular favourite is a page containing the text "This page has been deliberately left blank"!!

  5. Er where do you want me to type it? It didn't work on the screen. Shall I try in comments?


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