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Friday, 12 July 2013

Today we won a battle

But the war is still on-going. Here I’m talking about the government’s decision not to introduce plain packaging for tobacco products.

I think that the government has just realised that 20% of the populace smoke and are terrified that this could be a disaster for them at election time if those smokers for instance were to vote for UKIP.


Thanks to all that fought this creeping nannying assault on us smokers.


Dick Puddlecote



And everyone else who fought this stupid idea.


  1. There's a fair old shitstorm going on at the DT at the moment on this subject, lovely fun.

  2. Dick puddlecote, Junican, jay and a few others will be appearing on sky news later today for an interview about plain packaging, full privacy of those involved has been guaranteed, no real names or faces shown

    1. How can they be anonymous if they're being interviewed ? And why should they be anonymous anyway ?

  3. Thanks. And you're welcome. You are on the only person who has mentioned my efforts in the fight against plain packaging since the announcement yesterday. Your exceptional behaviour has been duly noted, and you will be rewarded with 1000 virgins in heaven.

    1. I've enough trouble with the wife. 1000 virgins would be a frightening thought. 1000 with PMS.


  4. I'm afraid the worldwide support for help/control on smoking issues are made by people who have no desire to hide themselves behind fake names and are known throughout the world for their qualifications and experience, which is in complete contrast to Dick puddlecote and many others who are afraid their views will be known by family, friends or business contacts.

    The theme that smoking is a killer or bad for your health is lies and made by liars is something Dick puddlecote will never put his real name to.

    Him and many others are cowards that spout such shite that haven't any experience, no qualifications but will try and tell you ASH/NHS a have an hidden agenda of control and spite.

    What about the rest of the world? are these countries that don't speak english and from every different religous group all in it together?

    end of rant- at least the idea of the rest of the world opinion all singing the same tune gets raised for once, cos it's extinct from the normal blogger troll posts who think Debs Arnott is the next hitler

  5. The Filthy Engineer13 July 2013 at 20:49

    Deborah Arnott is exactly following the Nazi blueprint. The Nazis carried out an insidious denormalisation of the jews. Is the war against smokers as practised by ASH any different?

  6. Those who belive that shit and are in smoking denial, they know it, they don't care , why should they worry about extreme silly nonsense because they will never have to answer for it in public.

    blogger who hide behind fake names are cowards who have all the evidence in extreme trolling blogging on their blogs which would ensure they would be crucified if they ever had to answer for it in public.

    For crying out loud , the likes of simon clark and angela harbutt struggle enough with interviews without the hitler crap around their necks strangling them.

    Smoking kills, poor old angela and simon meekly admit that during interviews knowing full well the blooging pro smoke clan think nothing of the sort.

    Bloggers who spout hitler themes and such like are smokers worst enemy.

    ain that the truth.

  7. Spot on anon, how come there are 12 million smokers and no organised lobby against smoking policy


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