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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

That’ll work then

Cheshire East council thinks that it can go it alone by imposing minimum pricing on booze.

CHESHIRE East Council looks set to go ahead with its plans to crack down on cheap booze despite the Government U-turn.

At the council’s cabinet meeting last month members agreed to endorse the principle of introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol – something David Cameron last year appeared keen on introducing nationally.

Cheshire East looks set to press ahead with its plans – despite the Government’s apparent change of heart earlier this month.

Cheshire East is designated by the “G” on the map below. Now if I had a supermarket in “E”, Kidsgrove, I’d be rubbing my hands with glee.


I’m seriously thinking of investing in a white van, and just sit over the boarder.

Fuckwits, the lot of them.


  1. I live about half a mile outside the county boundary of Cheshire East. I have a decent sized garage and space to park a van. Over to you!

  2. Theres a Tesco Megga Store in Kidsgrove, and it's in Stoke on Trent, so worry not sheeple.

  3. Councils are bellends. It won't even be legal for them to do it.

  4. There are idiots amongst us. The problem is they think they rule.


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