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Saturday, 20 July 2013


A mean green and his turbine machine.

When Stephen Munday spent £20,000 on a wind turbine to generate electricity for his home, he was proud to be doing his bit for the environment.

He got planning permission and put up the 40ft device two years ago, making sure he stuck to strict noise level limits.

But neighbours still complained that the sound was annoying - and now the local council has ordered him to switch it off.

Which makes me wonder how the big turbine owners can state that theirs are noise free?

While I admire his thriftyness I did notice in the article that he placed it, it would seem, as far away from his house as was possible. Necessitating that it would be closer to his neighbours. If he had placed it next to his house then it wouldn’t have been a problem I expect.

Maybe I’m being too mean to Mr Munday.


  1. Solar is probably better on balance.

  2. Looks to be similar in size to the units installed by Windcrop, on which I posted last year. But the DM article makes the usual mistake regarding the output - 5 kW's of electricity a day is meaningless. That turbine would likely have a MAXIMUM output of 5 kW, and it sure as hell won't produce it 24/7/365. If they really mean 5 kWh, that is an abysmal result - about 4% load factor. A more realistic 20% would give 24 kWh, and be a good figure to base boiling 300 kettles on. The £500 p/a saving is also comparable to Windcrop's claims, but since this poor unfortunate paid £20k for his waste of metal, he clearly hasn't done any payback calculations. Try 40 YEARS!!!

    Sorry, no sympathy from me...

  3. He could put an acoustic enclosure over it!



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