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Friday, 21 June 2013

Where's FE?

If you have seen the books called "Where's Wally", youll know where I'm coming from. The caricature of Wally is in a picture containing multiple characters and is hidden in plain sight.

It appears to me that I'm Wally in the eyes of Mrs FE. Two nights in a row I've been sitting at the same table at the villa and Mrs FE has asked in a loud voice "Where's Mr  FE?  The fact that both times I was sitting opposite  was somewhat disconcerting.

Maybe I died and am just wandering around Portugal as a shade.


  1. Pay attention - rapt attention to Mrs FE
    It is in the rules.

  2. You need a striped t-shirt and bobble hat. Were you wearing it? How else could she find you?

  3. Did she mean you've been blind drunk ever since arriving? Women can be rather indirect at times.


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