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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Still on holiday.

It's been an interesting one so far. Firstly arriving at the villa from hell was a first set back. (And no, there were no comments on trip advisor to forewarn us).

Admittedly after kicking up a monumental fuss we transfered to another villa on the second day. This was most certainly a step up as you can see from the pics in a previous post. All is well you will think. But. Not quite.
 A day later we lost all electrical power. Panic ensued. Were we thinking of the children?  No FFS, the beer would get warm and that really would be a disaster. Luckily the villa manager managed to get someone to find the problem. The main power cable to the cottage attached to the villa had decided it had enough of life. Of course although we had power over night it meant we had no power to the cottage for a couple of days whilst a new cable was laid.

All's well?

No. Two days later the underground water supply pipe sprung a leak. This necessitated a day without water. At least we could flush the loos with water from the swimming pool. Anyway who cares, the beer was still cold. The next day the Portuguese plumbers dug up the lower lawn and ran a new supply pipe.

All's well.

No. There was no water to my En suite. It took two days before the plumbers found they'd forgotten that branch. Still. The beer was still cold.

The question is. What will happen next?


  1. "The question is. What will happen next?"

    If you have enough cold beers, does it really matter????

  2. If the beer is cold there are NO problems.
    Hiccups? maybe.
    Problems? Nary a one.
    End of.
    Anyway, with a pool, who wants a shower?

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