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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Save me from these green luddites.

I was watching the BBC news tonight and strayed into BBC south east.

Half way through the news came an interview with a citizen of the leafy village of Balcombe. Why am I writing about this Sussex paradise you might ask?

This is a village that is sitting on potentially vast resources of natural gas and permission has been given for an exploratory drilling to see it’s potential.

Now as I’ve posted before, the method of extraction is a game changer for our energy supply. Since 2005 we’ve seen an increase in cost of natural gas in this country, of an eye watering 35%. It makes sense to utilise a cheap form of energy to fuel our economy out of recession.

Not so for the hardened green ecotwatess..

This so called “Spokesperson” ranted on about every ridiculous scare story that you could think of. Here’s a sample:

Ground water will be contaminated. (How come if the drilling is thousands of  feet below)

Local wild life will die.

Earthquakes will devastate the area. (The earthquakes in the Fylde area were only picked up on seismometers)

All the horned toads will be eradicated. (Insert your protected species of choice).

We have to have renewable energy.

I hate with a passion these idiots who haven’t a scientific bone in their body who are so gullible that they’ll leave reason behind.


  1. Talking about the lack of science in the greenies, this has just popped up on WUWT.

    A climate change "scientist" doesn't know how a greenhouse works.

  2. If it's good enough for the gentrified area of Dorset, then I'm sure the residents of Balcombe would prefer it to their heating going off in mid-winter.

  3. Green loons are everywhere.
    One at a recent debate was seriously promoting barter as an exchange method.
    "You mow my lawn, i'll cut your hair..See , no money needed.."

    I asked her what the rate of exchange was for a kitchen extension in hair cutting terms.

    She just looked blank. Blank as if the idea that different amounts of labour have different values had never occurred to her.

    Eventually she said "we don't need kitchens. Appliances pollute"

    1. "We don't need kitchens. Appliances pollute"

      I suppose NO hairdressers ever use nasty chemicals, and power hungry hairdryers in the course of their work???

      Fucking hypocrite...

  4. These people never put their brains in gear before parotting every scare story they have ever heard.

  5. Any community which chooses to block the establishment of a natural gas plant, or for that matter an oil or coal facility, should be permitted to have their way. As soon as they make their decision, the rest of us should exercise our right to cut off their supplies of mains gas, mains electricity, and all utilities that are dependant on same. So no mains water either. Let us leave them to their self centred, self reliant, splendid isolation.



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