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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kent’s crime rate soars.

By one.
This is the dastardly offender.
She really looks like a hardened criminal doesn’t she?
What is the heinous offence that she’s committed?
Bob Allen’s daughter Lily-May was playing outside her home in Manston Road on Monday afternoon, when a police car pulled up next to her.
Officers told Lily-May that her hopscotch markings were illegal.
Mind I bet that those Officers are in for a rough time in the Police canteen when they are identified. I really think that those Officers fucking idiots in blue should be hauled up in front of their Inspector and then be sent for re-education. Preferably not in Kent.


A Kent Police spokesperson said: "The officer concerned has been advised and accepted that it was wrong to advise the young girl that chalking a hopscotch grid was not criminal damage.
"We have explained this to Mr Allen and are keeping him updated."

A fitting punishment would be for the officer concerned be condemned to play hopscotch in her school at lunchtime, for a week.


  1. The absurdity almost cannot be commented on. I'm off to the pub for a pint and cool down.


  2. I do hope her parents demanded to know exactly which law had been broken. If those chalk markings are illegal what about the paint used by authorities to outline re-instatements, and the location of pipes, cables etc? And some councils are now going round and painting rounds dog turds, to try and shame the owners...

  3. Presumably Kent's finest have already arrested all the really dangerous criminals, and so are now on the lookout for minor miscreants.


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