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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A letter to the Doctor


My Son received a letter from his consultant Oncologist to take to his Quack GP. It contained one superlative sentence produced below.

 "Chris knows more about his condition than you do. Stop being a muppet and do what he says."

Straight and to the point I think.


  1. A great way to foster relations in the future. The specialist may not be instantly available. And the pulse goes funny.
    Who decides what? You have demorilised the GP.

    1. Firstly the above is a paraphrase of the letter.

      Secondly the GP was making decisions that was putting my medications on hold for over a week. Medications that keep me able to live a normal life.
      On 3 separate occasions the fact that the GP did not understand my condition meant I had to take involuntary time off of work. This letter means that I (who knows my condition better than anyone except my oncologist) can have some authority over my GP on this matter.

    2. Well said. I had written a lengthy reply but inadvertently hit a key on my keyboard that deleted it(Not the delete key I might add).

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