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Monday, 22 April 2013

The lights are going to go out.

An article in the Independent newspaper today states the view that "Fracking" for gas won't bring down the cost of energy to the British consumer.

George Osborne's plan to deliver cheap energy by fostering a fracking revolution has been dealt a severe blow after an influential cross-party group of experts said any boom in shale gas production would be "unlikely to give the UK cheap gas".
However all is not what it seems:

But even if vast quantities of shale gas are eventually produced, the report finds that this would be unlikely to have much impact on household and businesses energy bills – although it would be good for the economy. "Despite the support for UK shale gas announced in the Chancellor's Budget, there remains a great uncertainty around the size of the prize and developments in the industry, which could take a decade and are unlikely to give the UK cheap gas," concluded the report by Carbon Connect, a steering group of industry and academic experts chaired jointly by Mr Hendry, a Conservative MP, and Baroness Worthington, Labour's Energy and Climate Change spokesperson in the House of Lords.
What I had to ask is who are this steering group called CARBON CONNECT?

As I suspected, the cross party group is taking their advice from a group intent on decarbonising the energy generation. Certainly not an independent unbiased organisation.

Their aims are reproduced below:

Carbon Connect is the independent forum that facilitates discussion and debate between business, government and parliament to bring about a low carbon transformation underpinned by sustainable energy. We were launched in June 2009, by Ed Miliband MP, then Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

For our members we provide a varied programme of parliamentary events and policy research that is progressive, independent and affordable. As well as benefitting from our own independent analysis, members engage in a lively dialogue with government, parliament and other leading businesses. Together, we discuss and debate the opportunities and challenges presented by a low carbon transformation underpinned by sustainable energy.

Our members are committed advocates of low carbon enterprise and ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon and resource efficient world.

If that is a steering group that MPs' are listening to, then I suggest that we'll be heading down a no through road, with no turning circle at the end.

At this rate we can expect blackouts in the future. I despair at the gullibility of our politicians.


  1. In other news, KFC assured the RSPCA that chickens will lead a long & purposeful life.

  2. Of course it won't bring cheaper energy. The government's carbon tax scheme will make sure of that.

  3. The word 'Fkuced' comes to mind.

  4. Or 'Fcuked', depending upon your preferences for being fu**ed.

  5. And none other than arch criminal Huhne on their front page

    Says it all.

  6. In 2007, at the height of gas prices in the U.S., the right argued that we needed to be pumping 5k barrels of oil more domestically to bring down prices. The progs on the left assured us that the laws of supply and demand had been repealed and that merely increasing supply domestically would have no impact. Interestingly enough, their solution to the gas prices was to ask Saudi Arabia to ramp up production by 5k more barrels of oil daily.

    There is no intellectual honesty on the left side of the aisle.

  7. It's about time we had some politicians that had actually done a proper real world job before they entered politics.


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