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Monday, 11 March 2013



Since the summer (Don’t laugh), the roads in Kent have deteriorated to almost third world status. Everywhere you go there are whole (snigger) sections of road that have been shorn of the top surface. But that’s not the worst of it.

Potholes are becoming a dangerous menace. I think they’re actually breeding. Some are several centimetres deep. I certainly wouldn’t like to be a cyclist. The council say they are working on the problem but obviously not in my area.

Now that we have had a flurry of global warming, ie snow, the roads are even worse to drive on. The problem is that  snow filled potholes are like traversing a minefield without a mine detector.

I wonder how much Kent has spent of it’s road budget? I must ask.


  1. I was shocked to find that many of the roads in the UK were worse than those in Zimbabwe when I first arrived here and those in Zimbabwe had suffered 20 odd years of neglect so of course some are much worse or gone altogether.

  2. Probably about the same as they spend in Swindon. Clarkson and crew could have saved a fortune by looking for the source of the Thames. The roads in Swindon and North Wilts makes the Tanzanian ones look perfect

  3. In this part of the world today it was dry. And windy.

    Our local authority must have spent a reasonable proportion of its Gritting Budget this afternoon, in preparation for tonight's expected -2C to -4C.

    The trouble is, the grid didn't adhere to dry roads; and, the wind promptly blows it away. Oh dear.

  4. Round here we not only have 'natural' potholes but are blessed with man-made potholes. It may be the same round your way. Seems that over time, as streets have been re-surfaced, they neglect{?} to raise man-hole covers and drain grates to the new surface level. The majority round here are now a good 3 to 4 inches below road level and present yet another obstacle to be negotiated.

  5. Pothole - call THAT a pothole???

    25 years ago Norwich had holes big enough to swallow a double decker bus:

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

  6. I know they do spend loads of cash, a friend of mine is an estate agent (I know, it worries me too.).

    He was approached by an "Eastern European" gent wanting to rent a huge house he had on his books. On asking for proof of income from his employers he was sent paperwork showing an income after tax of £110,000.

    That council has potholes that can take you off your bike, but who cares its only money!


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