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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hell is what you make of it.

Last night I hosted a Smokey, Drinkie, TakeawayeeTM  (I thought about this before you Leggie) and great fun was had by all. Complete relaxation was the order of the day. Everyone ordered their meal of choice (Indian was the choice of takeaway), drank their favourite tipple, and chilled out (Oxymoron alert) in front of the roaring log fire.

The reason I’m writing this post is that all present had one complete agreement which surprised me. Everyone present expressed the view that our esteemed leader, one “Call me Dave” Cameron was a complete arsehole, and hadn’t a clue about real life.

Another topic which came up was “Global warming”. When I said that the met office had stated before Christmas that Global temperatures had remained static for the last fifteen years the majority agreed with me that we are being scammed out of our money through carbon taxes.

What was most interesting was the age grouping ranged from 25 to 64, was that all the participants were  broadly in agreement.

From the conversation last night it would seem that all these traditional conservative voters have realised that “Call me Dave” has inadvertently scuttled the chance of a tory party winning the next election.

My suggestion to David Cameron is to sneak out of No.10 and find a smokey drinkey..

If not, you’re toast


  1. Ah but that would sugest iDave has a brain rattling around his cranium.

    Fortunately he's toast but, unfortunately, we're fucked.

    There is no way to haul ourselves out of the mess that the progressive left liberalista has created without severe bloodshed. Personally I'm all for it.

    The bloodshed that is.

  2. I don't know any 25 year olds but it is good to know that the 'younger generation' is not being taken in by "call me Daves'" lies and manipulations (Yes Dave. we all know about Sams dads big fuck off wind farm).

    I'm aware that for some years innocent schoolchildren have been bombarded with Global Warming propaganda but, with luck, they will treat it with the same contempt as my generation did with the nonsense we were hounded with about smoking, alcohol and underage sex while at the same time being lied to about how immigration and queerness was all lovely.

    It didn't fool us and it shouldn't fool todays youngsters.

  3. "Global warming" scum shot temselves severely in the foot yeasterday.

    In the middle of Berlin, in the middle of the coldest March for over a 100 years, in the longest period of laying snow and ice for fifty to a hunderd years, these wankers asked us to "turn th lights out" to "save us from Global warming".... Sorry, I still have hysterical giggle fits at the thought of these toss pots.

    Do they not DO irony, or something?

  4. Sounds very convivial and civilised. As for global warming- can’t see how the ‘experts’ can be so fucking sure. Weather patterns have always been cyclical and will continue to be so. Not much in tune with British politics these days as I fucked off to the Antipodes some years ago. From what I can gather though, Camermong seems a total twat.

    Flaxen Saxon

  5. All the top politicians are in fact, TWATS.

  6. Mr Engineer, have just gone to your complaints page. Totally shocked and had a touch of the 'vapours' and had to have a lie down. In order to restore equilibrium I will have to drink at least three bottles of red wine. Thank you.

    Flaxen Saxon


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