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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

There’s a date for that.

Did you know that today is……..

Safer Internet Day. Did you know that? No, me neither.

Of course it’s in order that we have to “think of the children” as usual. and it’s funded by the EU of course so that makes it really really important.

How did I find out about it? From my energy provider!

*Mind boggles*

Quite. Better bugger off from my blog then, you may find naughty words are used.


  1. ".......and it’s funded by the EU of course "

    Rather - its funded by us effing Taxpayers.

  2. My 83 year old mother was a bit concerned when she tried to watch a programme on ITV Player this morning, and got some on-screen prompts. I had a look, and after one which wanted our postcode (they must be worried about ex-pats watching in Spain), there was another requiring age verification! She was trying to access an episode of "Lewis"....

  3. Anything to do with this:


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