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Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's snow joke.

Sorry about the title.

It looks like I'll have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to dig the car out of the snow. After all Mrs FE must go to work to earn money to keep me in the style I'm accustomed to. As that nice Mr Cameron keeps saying. "It's the right thing to do". (Mrs FE going to work that is).


  1. Deep sorrows for her predicament from the very South of Cornwall -- Sunny, no snow, no wind - Just right for a bracing stroll and a sit outside the local!

  2. It has been snowing here too, down in the Dordogne in S/W France, but......unlike other areas it just keeps melting away within a few hours, still have to take the missus into work though......

    1. I'll drive Mrs FE into work if neccessary. She can do the pushing.

  3. So Mrs FE's called Dawn then...

  4. Borat once demonstrated the efficiency of women pulling cars in a was censored, I think.

  5. Retribution!!!!
    It's been a few years but ---- We've had snow in the deep, deep South. Not a lot but wife's gone to work and I went for a walk to listen to the panic.


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