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Monday, 26 November 2012

Why we’re in the mess we are.

We’re in the age of the Zealots.

When I changed my computer a while ago I lost a lot of my bookmarks of the websites I enjoyed. I’m glad that I’ve rediscovered one, well worth a read.

John Brignell explains why the country is heading downwards at an ever increasing rate.

Imagine telling somebody twenty years ago that by 2007, it would be illegal to smoke in a pub or bus shelter or your own vehicle or that there would be £80 fines for dropping cigarette butts, or that the words "tequila slammer" would be illegal or the government would mandate what angle a drinker's head in an advertisement may be tipped at, or that it would be illegal to criticise religions or homosexuality, or rewire your own house, or that having sex after a few drinks would be classed as rape or that the State would be confiscating children for being overweight. Imagine telling them the government would be contemplating ration cards for fuel and even foods, that every citizen would be required to carry an ID card filled with private information which could be withdrawn at the state's whim. They'd have thought you a paranoid loon.

And that’s just a taster to the rest of the post.

His post covers all the usual manufactured scare stories. Smoking, drinking, salt, obesity, and you name it.

So do give a look at it.

March of the zealots


  1. Yes, that page has been on my bookmarks list for a long time. His Numberwatch website if chock full of good stuff.

    1. If you use Opera as your web browser you can set up Opera Synchronization, which syncs across all your devices, I have it on a netbook, laptop and this PC. If you loose one it doesn't matter because you just resync the lot. Opera is a brilliant browser by the way makes the others especially IE look primitive.



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