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Monday, 12 November 2012

Politically correct clothing?

This notice was brought to my attention about a clothing manufacturer that I’ve never heard of.

The notice below is an appeasement notice, I would suspect is to placate those who worship the religion of peace.


My apologies to BooHoo that I’ve linked to, but surely you’re not going to get many religion of peace customers anyway, by selling this.

If I can find a shop near me I shall buy Mrs FE a Christmas present, whilst munching on a bacon sarnie.

In fact I won’t. I’ll buy from somewhere that has a non ethical policy and revels in common sense.

Go forth into oblivion.


  1. Oh well, best fuck off that interview then, arse, I thought it would be fun to hang around fashionable young women all day....

  2. What Kathy fails to understand is that followers of the Religion Of Peace don't give a shit about whether we Kaffirs eat pork or not, they just don't want to do so themselves (which is great, means more for me).

  3. Would I ever employ a moslem? Over immigration facilitator Theresa May's dead body.

  4. More here -

    And more when you search "boohoo eating pork".

    Sounds like BooHoo is shite.

  5. i think i might post some bacon...

  6. You know, as soon as someone tells me I should NOT do something.....

    But then, I was famous in my bike club for using real pigs blood to make bloody marys. (And YES! I DID drink them. Still do on occassion)

  7. You can't educate pork...

    Nor can you teach a pig to sing because it frustrates you and annoys the pig!

    1. XX You can't educate pork... XX

      Actually, you CAN.

      Pigs are more inteligent than a lot of humans.

      Or at least, those that would call themselves so.

  8. Do they do bomber jackets?

  9. They can ask. The real test is what would they do if an employee refused to abide by the prohibition. Can you see the headline 'Sacked for eating a bacon sandwich'.

    1. XX Can you see the headline 'Sacked for eating a bacon sandwich'.XX

      Yes. I CAN actualy. And THAT is the whole damn trouble with muslims.

      They MAY only form 4 to 10% of the population (depending on which dictatorship propoganda department you read), but they have an influence on politics that 90-96% of us could only DREAM about.

      So much for bloody "democracy".

  10. If I ever find a BooHoo shop I will most certainly enter it eating a bacon sandwich, dripping fat. Would they kick me out?


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