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Friday, 23 November 2012

It’s a dirty little secret that climatologists definitely don’t want you to know.

Just to start the ball rolling on my behalf. Here is a statement:

Firstly:            Scientists aren’t Climatologists.

Secondly:        Climatologists aren’t Scientists.

Of course I’m neither. I’m an engineer. Which personally gives me a better balance than either of these two premises.

Scientists come up with theories and climatologists refer to models.

As an engineer I distrust both of them. (I’m being balanced here). As a Marine Engineer I can’t trust either. I deal in fact. If a scientist were to tell me  theoretically, that the engine standing next to us, that I was going to start,  would give me twice the power, I would tactfully suggest HE presses that start button. (FE would head for his lifeboat).

The same would be if I was told “that models suggest”, I would exit stage left just as quickly.

In my trade, denigrated as we are, I want hard fact not supposition.

Now I’ve got that of my chest, have a read of why a satellite, monitoring solar irradiance is a cause for concern.  

The problem with TSI

And the science is settled? It’s an interesting read.


  1. "I would tactfully suggest HE presses that start button. (FE would head for his lifeboat)."
    The first question I would ask him would be - "Is there a stop button?"
    Far too often our 'experts' ignore the consequences of their 'we can save the world' ideas.

  2. Thanks for the link Nik.
    As it happens, I'm an engineer too.

  3. Thanks FE; and thanks for the link to TB


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