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Friday, 26 October 2012

Water proof cigarettes are not approved.

Not even ASH could beat this for pure stupidity.


I’m actually very disappointed with the Tobacco control Industry. I’ve seen very few showings of their Stoptober advert. Look come on you Tossers, you’ve only got five days to cure me of my filthy habit. I’m so worried about that, I think I’ll have to have a cigarette to alleviate the stress.

Update courtesy of Anon



  1. Thought you'd like this photo to go with your post:


  2. I'll bet there will be plenty of underwater smoking around various off-shore wind farms over the coming years. Electricity and water don't mix, electricity and SALT water definitely don't mix...

  3. I used to see quite a bit of underwater smoking around this time of year when I was a kid. Me and some mates used to pool our resources and invest in a bunch of threepenny bangers (forget penny bangers if you want some serious ordnance) so we could nip down to the local canal and indulge in a bit of sport, to wit, dynamiting the resident perch. They used to smoke underwater if we scored a hit...

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