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Thursday, 4 October 2012


Put the cake down and stand away now!

A father sparked a security alert at Stansted Airport after the birthday cake he was carrying for his son tested positive for explosives.

I’d like to know how an X-ray machine could show up a cake as “suspicious” though? The offending confectionary.


And they even go further.

'They found the chocolate Caterpillar cake inside my bag and swabbed the inside of the bag and put it into a little machine.

'That’s when it ended up going bleep and the customs officer said it had found traces of explosives.

'Everything was tested but it was just the cake box that was testing positive for traces of explosives.'

Mr Barrett was ushered into a room and ordered to produce his passport and strip off some clothing as more checks were done.


I dread it if he had been carrying Jelly. It might be classed as Jellynite.


  1. I expect that this evil hard-working-family were in breach of the 1878 Control Of Glycerine & Explosive Substances Act which gave rise to a local Tesco manager refusing to sell Xmas Crackers (1st!) to a layabout teenager (underage) to the merry mockery of all until the very next year when Brave Tesco confirmed this as absolute policy nationwide.

    Sorry kids, no explosive crackers for you!!!

    1. A sad indictment of our education system, I'm afraid.

      In my day, we made our own explosives from readily-available raw materials.

  2. Considering it's well known that acetate (as used in the box holding the caske) can trigger a false positive for explosive testers you would have thought that the first thing they would do is remove the cake from the box and ensure that it was still the box that "tested for explosives".

    But when you have low paid security officials who by definition are trained not to have much intelligence then this is what you get.

  3. Ah yes , remind me didn't a bunch of paddy's spend rather a long time in jail and one of the key points against them was they had handled explosives. Until it finally got through that handling cards covered with nitro-cellulose gave the same reading as nitro glycerine

    We don't seem to have moved on at all


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