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Thursday, 20 September 2012

In extremis

Now I don’t normally post on this subject, but sometimes things have to change.

The subject is Islam.

Over and over again we’re regaled with depressing regularity, that this so called “Religion” is the Religion of peace.

Firstly I’d like to point out that isn’t only a religion. It’s governance by Dictator. Following a set of of rules that were devised in the seventh century, and have scarcely changed

This so called “Religion” espouses that those who do not follow that religion are inferior, and if they do not change their current religious affiliation then they are fair game to be slaughtered.or at the very least, cast into slavery.

This so called “Religion” treats women as second class beings. The word of a woman counts as half that of a man.

This so called “Religion” declares that Jihad is the duty of all Muslims to wage war on Non-believers. What do we endure? Aircraft smashing into buildings, trains being blown up, videos of beheadings, children being used as suicide bombers.

Well I would just like our western leaders to do is give these savages, which is what they are, an ultimatum. Stop now or face the consequences. Any more attacks on us, the freedom loving.people, will be justification to launch retaliatory strikes on your holy sites, one by one. Of course these leaders of the “Religion of peace” will just ignore it at the outset, but once the first one has been obliterated, maybe sense will prevail.

Of course in the aftermath a wailing and gnashing of teeth and more flag burning and Embassy burning will most likely ensue.

The answer is: “That was only the first”.

This would do it.

Do we have to fight by their rules?

DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate all Muslims. I just hate those who are stuck in a feudal seventh century that wish, to justify their inadequacy by attacking those that have struggled through adversity, to make the rest of the world a better a better place to live.


  1. We don't need to bomb a single soul FE. All we need to do, is deport a hell of a lot of people whose residence and lineage in the western world, goes back less than 50 years.
    And for those of our fellow countrymen who have converted to this evil creed, internal exile.

    After that, why care about what they do to one another in Sylhet?

  2. Anyone who bangs their head on the ground voluntary four times a day says it all.

    Always thought you grew out of doing things like that after the age of two ;)

  3. Who in their right mind would convert to such a vile religion knowing that to change their mind and leave will result in a death sentence? It is every believer's duty to kill apostates if you believe the crap shouted by the Mullahs. Currently burning cimemas in Pakistan as the insult was a film. Film makers breathe air so why don't these muppets protest by stopping breathing


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