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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ban it, ban it, I say.

We’re all regaled with stories about the danger of imminent death by smoking or consuming alcohol. Now comes the insidious killer that has been lurking in our kitchens for decades.

Now we’ve all been frightened by the scare stories about the demons that live beneath our humble sinks. Those nasty chemicals that can kill a new-born child with just a teaspoon of one of these substances.

However the real killer resides in your fridge. No it is not an esoteric, unknown fridge living, ebola virus. It is:


Just two rashers of bacon can contain over half your daily salt allowance. Has that put you off your morning bacon sandwich?

The meat has ‘huge and unnecessarily high’ levels of salt and some brands contain three times as much as others. Customers affected by the recession are turning to cheaper cuts of meat that have high levels, according to the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash).

The article at the link bangs on about a recommended daily limit which is absolutely bollocks. The body needs salt to live, Too little will cause nausea, headaches and eventually certain death.

As a marine Engineer working in tropical climes I’ve seen the effect of salt deficiency and have suffered the effects myself. You should adjust your salt intake to correspond with your condition at the time.

Soon they’re will be an edict that states that “They’re is no safe limit to salt consumption”, it has to be banned.

And who are CASH? As I expected, another fake charity

I’m off to get the frying pan out in protest. It’s the least I can do.


  1. It was most sensible for you to say that 'You should adjust your salt intake to correspond with your condition at the time.'

    It's called the use of common sense.

    1. You're missing the point. You are not old enough or intelligent enough to think or decide for yourself.

      Only Nanny, and the taxpayer funded shills that feed from Nanny, know what is best for you.

      So shut the hell up, pay your taxes, and obey.


  2. All chemicals should be sold in plain packaging. The use of logos on salt packets is making our children crave the contens and growing into chemical addicts!

  3. "Just two rashers of bacon can contain over half your daily salt allowance. Has that put you off your morning bacon sandwich?"

    No, it's made me want four rashers so that I get all my daily allowance.

  4. Oh dear. Breakfast two or three pipes, and a liter of coffee. Mid day.... WHAT...?, Evening meal. SALT fish, OR, any kind of pork you can think of. With salt and pepper, of course.

    And why?

    Because my Grandfather did the same, and my Great Grandfather. BOTH lived on the above diet, AND 70 to 80 Capstain fulls per day, until 95 for my Great, (Started as a cabin boy with Bibby on steam sail to the far East) and 93 for my Grand Father. My Grandfather still "taking the bridge" on the day he snuffed it!

    NEITHER had so much as a bloody COUGH.

    Now, at 93-95, I really could not give a bloody SHIT what kills me. I have had a good enough "innings" to stuff the modern "scientists" arguments up their arse side was, wrapped in Razor wire and brutally twisted.

  5. Dihydrogen Monoxide is the real killer. It will kill you for sure if you inhale it. Wait till they try to ban that.

    1. I've got a bottle so marked in the window of my shed.

      No break ins.

  6. "I’m off to get the frying pan out in protest. "

    To smash some sense into various thick heads I hope.

  7. The odd thing is some of these so called "nutritional scientists" suggest through their research that one size fits all, when obviously people come in all shapes and sizes and varying degrees of health, they all have different tolerances and needs to the amount of salt they intake on a daily basis, some people need to consume more salt than others to maintain a healthy body.

    These "nutritional scientists" should be told that people have a wide variety of different lifestyles and are very adaptive to their daily nutritional supplement, promoting a "one-size fits all" diet through science is just post-normal nonsense and most likely will cause more harm than good.

  8. Yafukinghoo have this on their news section, they are as bad as some of the daily rags when it comes to scaremongering. Twats.

  9. Bugger the salt... whats with all the white stuff that leaches out of the bacon whilst its being fried... that then burns and turns into a sticky yucky brown mess that sets like glue; I'd be far more concerned about that than the salt...

  10. And of course they ignore the fact that your body gets rid of stuff it doesn't need. So any excess salt is got rid of by your kidneys. And if you don't have enough salt you can die. Drinking just water when dehydrated can kill you, you need salts as well.


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