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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Think of the bloody children.

Mine that is.

Having just spent the weekend at my son’s place wherefore I was subjected in my  mind, to a horror akin to waterboarding, ie gardening. I now find myself involved in helping my daughter, her husband and child move into a new house. So I’ll be hanging pictures, putting up shelves, decorating, plumbing, electrickery, and MORE BLOODY GARDENING!



  1. Look on the bright side - at least you know how to change a Honeywell 3 port valve now...

  2. when I bought my new house, I had to get the garden done. I told the bloke who did it "Absolutely, NO grass" Best decision I ever made....

    ....although cannabis is more expensive.

  3. Been there, done that (three times!) and now I go for astro-turf, decking, paving slabs and gravel. I also send hate-mail to Groundforce!

  4. From bitter personal experience, Gardening is bloody dangerous! Just got back to work this week after 3 months off. Fell over paying out a hose and broke my arm in three places :( Took the "world class" NHS 3 weeks to realise I'd done it too. The worst of it was all my oppos asking how drunk I was - I was sober :( (Memo to self - try gardening with a tot or two next time (Pussers or Scotch))


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