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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Amanda Sandford. You haven’t a clue. And you’re a liar.

She’s being shot down in flames by those who have really looked into subject of plain packaging.

She even manages to insert the lie at 21:15 mins that 2/3 of smokers want to give up.

She gets torn to shreds.


  1. A N Other Filthy Engineer26 August 2012 at 21:28

    Does that dimwitted Sandford woman really believe what she’s saying or is she totally brainwashed. As a youngster I tried smoking but it had sod all to do with the pack design. Like most kids I tried it because my mates were doing it. As a non-smoker these days, I find these do-gooders and their reasoning totally baffling. How hiding cigarettes behind screens is going to stop kids smoking I just don’t know. They get hold of illegal drugs readily enough and they’re not usually in plain view! I would have thought that trying to hide something would just make it all the more appealing to the average curious kid. At Sainsburys cigs are hidden but at my local Costcutter they’re not, something to do with shop floor area I believe. What on earth is the use of a partial ban on cigarette display when the cheeldren can still see them at the local corner shop?

  2. I think the argument about opening up the market to counterfeit products and criminal gangs is a very powerful one. This is actually a very risky strategy, which could easily result in cigarettes becoming much easier for children to buy. What's more, it could usher in some extremely dangerous contaminants.
    But I suspect ASH are fully aware of this. Their mission statement is to stay in business. They are getting paid to do this after all. And this explains why they are panicking to introduce plain packaging right now, no way can they risk letting us see the outcome of the Australian legislation, it might look very ugly and the public might turn against them.
    Bairns should not be smoking, they should not be taking drugs, drinking, gambling, or having sex with the parish priest. But all of these things are already illegal, and they can only happen with the connivance of adult accessories, so enforce the law and punish those accessories.
    ASH aren't pushing for that. If no children at all were smoking, the ASH campaigns would be shown up for what they are, a taxpayer funded vendetta against an adult minority, which actually subsidises the majority.
    Oh, and the Treasury will incur a staggering reduction in total revenue.


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