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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Don’t eat Muffin

Do not show this to a leftie. He/She will explode.

Alright it’s an american vid but it puts the point across.

PS Here in the garden of England we are just experiencing our third hailstorm of the day.


  1. Cracking vid. Unanswerable case for a. leaving the EU, b. disbanding DfID and setting fire to Nick Clegg (probably in reverse order!)

  2. The flip side of reward for success is penalty for failure... not seeing a lot of that at CEO level and hence the feeling of unfairness

  3. Nice analogy - but it won't work in China ;)

    Anon does have a point though. When those rich guys don't have the risk of losing anything, they can behave in insanely stupid ways. If RBOS etc had been allowed to fail when their management screwed up, the system would really be fair.

    However, remember that it was socialists who organised the bailouts...


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