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Friday, 15 June 2012


Smoking whilst driving will attract a fine for “careless driving”.

Police currently enforce most careless-driving offences by issuing a warning with no further action, but government plans revealed yesterday will give them the power to issue fixed-penalty tickets.


Last one on the list.

Now I’ve been lighting up cigarettes whilst at the wheel for more years than I can remember. It’s completely second nature to me. I do it without taking my off the road for a second.

And before someone at the back shouts out that you must have both hands on the wheel. That’s bollocks.

Have you never changed the radio station, switched the lights or windscreen wipers on? Do you never change gear?

Just another little money earner for the government coffers.Or just paving the way for no smoking in cars?


  1. I saw this one coming from a long way off.

    The charge of "careless driving" is effectively a carte blanche for the police to meet their targets.

  2. ancient + tattered airman15 June 2012 at 22:44

    Not merely another way to take our money but a further demonstration of their mighty powers.

  3. Off topic, but you might like this "campaign"

  4. This is only the begining, some while back someone of his ilk was suggesting on Radio 4s Today that drivers holding conversations with passengers was
    "obviously distracting".
    That time he was laughed down but we know where it will lead > "Talk Driving"

    My defence against a charge of "smoke driving" would be to ask 'have you never heard of multi-tasking?'

  5. From Martin:-

    Any copper who gives a ticket for that would be a right cunt. However, with roads and traffic policing gradually being passed on to other agencies, there'll be more cunts in hi-viz uniforms to watch out for.

  6. Oh, dear.

    3 - yes. Did that on Thursday. Bit of indecision about whether I was going home or going to do some shopping.

    5 - Is that "and" or "or". If it is "or" it happens all the effing time. Pretty much everywhere there is a queue.

    7 - Weasel word. Like "appropriate". Money for lawyers ...

    9 - Ever been in a queue?

    10 - Eating at the wheel? Err, yes?

    Should I just hand in my licence now?

  7. Good to see that this Government is living up to it's promise to ' End the War on the Motorist'.


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