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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Running to Mummy

An article in todays Guardian purports that those in the Tobacco Control Industry are running in fear from pro tobacco bloggers.

Leading advocates of tobacco control have been targeted in an apparent escalation of hate campaigns and intimidation by bloggers and groups who view moves to curb smoking as assaults on personal freedom.

Well. This blogger has absolutely no sympathy. Those whining hypocrites started this dirty little war. They have a vast army, supported by millions of taxpayer money to promulgate their tireless crusade.

Of course what they are worried about is that they can’t find any evidence that individuals are “Big Tobacco” funded, and people reading those blogs might just say, “Mmm, they have a point”.

The article even has to try and make out that smokers are homophobiac.

Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams, chair of Westminster's all party parliamentary group on smoking and health, has received abuse, including homophobic abuse, on his blog, especially after supporting plain packs. "When people make comments online, I sometimes wonder whether it is a real person or manufactured false identity. There are various front groups for the tobacco industry, and , I think, front individuals who post negative comments."

This individual wrote a blog post supporting plain packaging. The only abuse I can see is pro smoking commenters abusing the smokers who commented there. If you can find a homophobiac comment there, please let me know. I can’t find one. the pro smokers in the main were extremely polite.

My thanks go to Frank Davis, Dick Puddlecote, and The Angry Exile for pointing me to The Guardian Article

However if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go and have a shower. I feel a little grubby now I’ve read it. It really is a terrible piece of slack journalism.


  1. Didn't bother reading the article, just spent an hour thoroughly enjoying the blogs and the comments! Far more uplifting!

    I have to admit to refreshing FD's site every couple of minutes to check his hit counter. Ape is apt.

  2. yes I've been reading the comments on and off.

  3. Once more they shoot themselves in the foot.

    Frank says he gets about 1000 hits per day. That's not out of a UK population, that's from all over the world, so a few thousand people out of seven billion know about his blog.

    The Grauniad just changed that forever. In their attempts to silence him, they've given him and DP more publicity than they could ever have afforded to buy for their blogs.

    It's hard not to laugh at the idiots in Tobacco Control.

  4. LI. I didn't really post much about the antismokers. Now it is out in the MSM. I'm now going to make it my focal point.


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