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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I’m staying out of Sussex.


Notwithstanding that the police look like stormtroopers these days rather than public servants. Now they want to be better armed.

Tasers are to be used by a further 160 police officers across Sussex, it has been revealed.

Currently only Sussex Police firearms officers use the stun guns but response teams will also use them from October.

Ch Supt Paul Morrison said the move would give the force more options in deploying staff and officers would receive appropriate training.

We’ve all heard about “appropriate training” before. It never seems to address the problems. One bit of training that should be paramount is that the Taser should be used against a volunteer. I E. the Officer that is being trained to use it. That Officer would then realise what it’s like to be hit by 50,000 volts. (I’ve been hit by 440 volts and I can tell you. It fucking hurts). 

They also need to realise that the taser is not a toy that can be fired at anyone.

But the American Heart Association's premier journal, Circulation, published an article online Monday that examined eight cases involving the TASER X26 ECD. Seven of the people died.

Dr. Douglas Zipes, of Indiana University's Krannert Institute of Cardiology, found that a shock from the Taser "can cause cardiac electric capture and provoke cardiac arrest" as a result of an abnormally rapid heart rate and uncontrolled, fluttering contractions.

Mind you my local police are far to busy. It took six officers, in three cars to investigate one fallen tree, blocking my road, on monday.

Someone, somewhere in the UK is going to die from one of these devices. It could be you on a friday night after an altercation with a stormtrooper police officer.

Moral of the story: Byepass Sussex.


  1. A quick walk around Gatwick Airport these days is like something out of a futuristic SciFi film... shades of Blade Runner; The police there resemble something out of Judge Dredd, armed to the teeth, batons, pepper spray, stabproof vests and H&K MP5's I think they are. And it's all for our protection...

    Once took a 25Kv R.F. tickle from an ungrounded klystron used in a piece of electronic warfare kit... not nice; lifted me off the ground and threw me 10feet across the room whilst drilling a burn hole through my right index finger from tip to first knuckle. got the afternoon off though!

  2. The tasers are the thin end of the wedge. The thicker end of the wedge is well underway with the police building "many" new firearms training units.


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