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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I found it

Last night I was frustrated. I’d found out that the Co-Op had commissioned a report by Manchester University, on the subject of Shale gas. When I followed the link I was given, all that was to be found was the executive summary. What I wanted was the real facts and figures about the quantities that might be available. I searched this morning and have now found the whole document.

it was quite interesting as it gives proven natural gas reserves and a breakdown of Shale gas reserves.


Now to me 566 billion cubic meters to me is not to be sniffed at. And these are only onshore reserves.

And that is a lower estimate than Cuadrilla  Resources estimate. They put the amount of recoverable gas in their drilling area to be 1,132bcm.

Island Gas Limited have estimated that there maybe between 2.5bcm and 131bcm in their area.

Eden energy estimate a recoverable volume of 362bcm.

f you would like to read for yourself the article is here. However the article has been produced for a warming agenda.


  1. I doubt it is wise to use the abbreviation "cm" for cubic metres.

    The engineer in me is surprised that the engineer in you let that by.

    The abbreviation "m3" is much to be preferred, despite the lack of superscript (which the somewhat lazy in me finds just OK). Even "kl" (kilolitre) would be tolerable

    Best regards

  2. The government is acting as if shale gas does not exist. If they ignore it long enough it will go away and they can get back to the wind farms.I still have stocks of candles from the electricity cuts in the early 1970's all bought in France.

  3. Nigel. I would normally use m3. I'm just using their lazy terminology.

  4. Robert. I've still got a drawer full of candles left over from those days as well.

  5. There is an interesting presentation about resource utilization and population growth.

    Essentially, these seem to be large figures, but assume current consumption, if population continues to grow at the rate it has been, then the consumption rates will increase.

    Conclusion, the shale gas can only be a bridge between now and a fully nuclear powered future.


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