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Saturday, 14 April 2012


I’m copying the entire post from Dioclese’s blog.

In an episode that would not be out of place in Orwell's 1984, Bexley Council have persued a prosecution of blogger Ollie Cromwell for calling one of their councillors a c*nt on Twitter.
The so-called 'c*ntgate affair' came about as a result of Ollie tweeting that he thought one of their councillors was a c*nt. Now if you honestly hold an opinion and believe it to be true, then you can't prosecuted successfully for libel or slander, but apparently if you express an opinion on Twitter then you can be found guilty under section 127 of the Communications Act of 2003 for using an offensive word - which is what has happened to Ollie.

More worryingly, the judiciary failed to kick this trumped up piece of crap into touch thus signalling what has been suggested in some circles as 'the herald of the death of free speech'.

Clearly, Bexley councillors are a touchy lot. I refer readers to a tweet posted under #freethebexleyone where @cjmillsnun says 'I am an elected councillor. As long as I'm not being harassed, residents can call me names if they want'. Well said, they man!!
There's an old saying that if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Perhaps councillors at Bexley should take this to heart. You are, after all, elected to serve the wishes of the people. Now admittedly, people can be right c*nts but you knew that when you took the job on.

What you are not there for is to offer yourself up for self-aggrandisement and to set the thought police on your electorate.
Bexley Council are asking the judge to impose a 180 day custodial sentence on Ollie. By my reckoning this is therefore deemed to be more serious than causing death by dangerous driving where you can get off with less than this.

And while we're on the subject, guess where this prosecution was brought? Yep, Bexley - so clearly no chance whatsoever of any undue influence or bias in the proceedings at all, is there?
Surely, only a c*nt would suggest otherwise..

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  1. Ancient + Tattered Airman14 April 2012 at 23:10

    Fair makes me proud to be British.
    What has happened to our once 'Scepter'd Isle'?

  2. If people are now being prosecuted for calling people names may I take this opportunity to call the Mayor or Newham Sir Robin Wales an absolute and utter cunt.

    This Bexley incident is appalling

  3. No problemo, mate! I'll copy one of yours tomorrow...;-)

    I found this so out of order (the council - not you!) that I was forced to break out of my usual 8am publishing slot and post twice in the same day. Shock! Horror!

    I suggested on Twitter that we smother their system with the word c*nt at every opportunity - a kind of civil disobedience. I got a tweet back saying that if I was suggesting such a thing then I must be c*nt!!!!

  4. oh - and I copied it to the Private Eye to see if they pick it up too. Makes a change 'cos they usually just nick my stuff whenever they feel like it...

  5. Well, I guess someone will be coming for me soon. My blog is all about cunts, too.

    Anyway, just found this blog through Pat Nurse's. :) Keep up the fine work!

  6. I've always understood that common abuse is not actionable.

  7. As Tom Paine posted on the Last Ditch recently, the police are now more concerned with what people say rather than what they do.

  8. Seems they are using Twitter as the vehicle to shut down free speech cf the gaoling of that chap who was rude about the dead footballer (whose name I don't recall and who isn't even dead).


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