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Saturday, 24 March 2012

He’s got talent

Now I don’t watch much on the telebox but my god, he’s  got an outstanding voice. And he’s only seventeen. Mrs FE dragged me in to listen. I’m glad I did.

Bloody hell

A budding Pavarotti in the making.


  1. nice.


    What I really hate is the pathetic over emotion the crowd displays. Like being in bloody america. whatever happened to showing some restraint and decorum? Yelling, screaming, standing up and cheering wildly, after 5 bloody seconds of the lad opening his gob.

    Not only is it a sickening spectacle (talking about the crowd, not the act) but they also show how they have prejudged the lad based on his looks - which puts them lower than worms in my book, and is also completely hypocritical when contraseted with the ridiculous show of 'joy' after he opens his gob.


    rant over.

    Anyway, long time lurker, 1st time poster. Like the blog FE.

  2. I feel rather sorry for the girl, but certainly a surprise.

    Thanks for posting this from a programme I avoid.

  3. I don't watch the telly-box, I threw mine away some years ago but I'm glad I caught this snippet. The lad and the lass both have great voices.
    I've seen lard-arses like him transformed. Three months yomping in the Cairngorms will transform him, eating big but healthy. Start low and slow; First one 2-mile hike a day carrying 20lb pack for a week then two 2-mile hikes for another week; up it to two 5-mile hikes with a 30lb pack. Then start to pile on the pressure; a daily 10-mile hike with 40lb pack with even higher targets towards the end. And cut his bloody hair!
    Her? She's fine as she stands, some lessons from a make-up professional and a fashion fundi and she'll be fine.

  4. Anon.

    It's the same as when people put flowers at a site of someone who's died, that they've never met. Remember princess Di?

  5. Selsey.

    Personally I think he should go it alone. although her voice was not bad I found it distracting from his.

  6. Hi FE,

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean re the 'public outpouring of grief' over Di. It made me slightly nauseous at the time.

    Makes you wonder if watching too much telly really does make one dumb, that one just reacts the same way that bad actors do and loses the ability to think for oneself.

    Depressing, I'm 'only' 37 but I remember this country being quite different. What happened? Can we really just blame the left wing hand wringers who brought in political correctness, H&S, rights for criminals, the 'entitlement culture'?

    Personally, I think yes, we can.

    Actually, just read what I wrote. I do get carried away sometimes.

    Oh well, off to bed, work tomorrow.


  7. Thanks for that, FE. The lad has a great voice. I don't have, or watch telly, so I would have missed it.

    @ selsey

    Why the fuck should he go yomping in the Cairngorms, or anywhere else, for that matter. He's fat. So what? Why should he conform to the current non-smoking, non-drinking keep-fit healthist agende we're all being propagandised about these days. The boy is fat, and he has a great voice. Let him be. Get over it.

  8. nisakiman: "Why the fuck should he go yomping in the Cairngorms "

    Because by his own admission he is uncomfortable about his weight. Perhaps he would address some of his own personality defects by addressing his weight 'ishues'.


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