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Friday, 9 March 2012


You really shouldn't have published that book Mr Orwell. The wankers in government are using it as a blueprint now.

We really are slipping into a total surveillance state. North Korea must be smiling.

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  1. The book was written as a warning to people of where the world would be. It wasn't fiction. It was fact.

    Orwell was part of the system. The Ministry of Truth in 1984 where Winston Smith worked was based on Orwell's work as a propagandist. He was a true socialist up until he went to fight Franco in Spain and he drastically changed. He was mentored to be one of the players in the system.

    I suppose they let the book through as pre-programming although Orwell saw it as a warning, but could only say so much. It is not a prophetic piece of literature but merely a work of fact written by someone who had inside knowledge of where the world was being taken.




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