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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Killing two birds with one log

In case you think I’ve got the quote wrong. Tough.

Hopefully I’m upsetting both of the groups below:

The first bird is the Green lobby that rant on about reducing our carbon footprint. (Should I eradicate myself, seeing that I’m a carbon based lifeform?)

Second is my energy supplier which has upped my energy charges by over 20%. (I’m waiting for their pleading letter asking me not to switch energy suppliers, which I’m in the process of doing).

What have I done to upset both groups?

I lit the open fire. (And not using that smokeless crap coal either).

All that carbon and CO2 disappearing up the chimney is visually attractive and a great comfort, in that I upset the greens in the first instance. The second is I diminish the profits of my energy supplier.

There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing another log on the pile and seeing that comforting swirl of sparks and the puff of smoke caused by it.


  1. Ah yes, log fires are my favourite form of heating. I keep warm when fetching and cutting, and again when burning them. I sometimes see pictures in the flames, I imagine it to be a pyre with all the people whom I dislike slowly being incinerated. I can see the flesh bubbling then melting. I can see the........ Oh dear, I think I may be going too far this time. Sorry.

  2. Go to Jail, go direct to Jail, do not pass Go, do not collect £200

  3. We have been looking at fitting a solid fuel fire in one of the rooms of Maison Daedalus. I could not believe how efficient some of these new log burners are. Some of them burn so well they are approved to be used in smokeless areas. Mind you I will be putting more than logs on if ever they start charging for taking away the rubbish.
    Burn, burn, burn to quote Crazy Arthur Brown.


  4. When I light the fire I see the ghostly images of Al Gore, Michael Mann, and Phil Jones fading away in the smoke wafting up the chimney.


  5. As Jim Morrison sang.....................

    "Come on baby, light my fire
    Try to set the night on fire"

  6. Rather oddly I think you will find that logs are considered as 'green'energy - renewable biomass. However the same stuff, after being well matured in the ground, is called coal and burning it does the Devil's work.
    Funny old world isn't it?

  7. In our little mountain village in rural Andalucia, 90% of the population use log burners or open fires burning loppings and branches of olive and almond trees. I used to until the acquisition of 9 abandoned dogs meant that I had to stick a large dog crate in the living room and the only place it would fit was directly in front of the fireplace. BTW... If you thought English 'leccy prices are expensive, my December bill was 305€ and January 255€...

  8. Whitenoiz.

    Believe you me. We're catching up with you rapidly.


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