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Friday, 24 February 2012


I don’t know if you’ve been aware of the Fakegate scandal where a member of the fanatical cadre of AGW, fraudulently obtained documents belonging to the Heartland Institute and proceeded to attempt to smear the institute by linking the documents to a blatantly fake policy document. The perpetrator was a certain professor Gleick who has now confessed in public to his stupidity.

However certain sites that he distributed this information to, are hailing him as a hero. They’ll stop at no ends to smear the HI.

Take this piece of crap from Desmogblog. 

If you really want to feel really dirty, go and read their manifesto. It is the real antithesis of what science is all about.


  1. Unf**kingbelievable!

    They're so desperate to believe their own propaganda they're going full steam ahead with this regardless of the fact that the memo is so fake it may as well have been written in bright crayon.

  2. newton,wearing a hard hat(health n safety) got up from under the tree and walked away

  3. Thanks for the potted version. I was having trouble following the details.


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