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Monday, 2 January 2012


I’ve just been looking at the Angry Exile’s new blog and felt I would like to expand on the technicalities of a recent post of his regarding Iran’s naval boasting.

IMHO Iran is just providing a puff piece for their own internal propaganda machine. An American carrier battle group is probably the most powerful war machine on the planet. Apart from the carrier itself, the group has incredible self defence capabilities.

Normally there would be three Aegis equipped ships. typically one cruiser and two destroyers.

These vessels are armed with a range of weapons, not least of which are vertically launched standard missiles specifically designed to counter air and anti ship missile threats.

Iran is boasting that they have a stealth missile. That I would have to dispute. I suspect what they have is just a sea skimming missile that is difficult to pick up amongst the sea clutter, that plagues sea born ship’s radar.

However the carrier battle group will have an airborne Hawkeye AEW aircraft almost certainly aloft. These have sophisticated look down radars that can sort out targets from the sea clutter. This aircraft can control the battlegroup’s response to any missile or other threat.

Those assets that are controlled will have a very large arsenal of surface to air missiles available to them and will be able to ripple fire these off at the small number of sea skimming missiles that would be available to the Iranians. (You can only carry a small amount due to their size).

Finally. (I bet you’re glad now). The carrier has her own defences namely the RIM-116 Rolling airframe missile, specifically designed for defeating anti ship missiles. And as a last ditch, the Vulcan phalanx CIWS (Close in weapons system).

What do you think. Have I made my case?

PS. I’ve witnessed several phalanx firings. A hit on target every time.


  1. Is chaff / decoy redundant now? DLB, DLH or similar?

  2. Seems we have just two choices these days, send in the Isle Of White Ferry or nuke the bastards.

  3. What is this random linking thing, "isle", "ferry"?

  4. Thanks for the link, FE, and sorry again about the RSS thing.

    Oh, and about the CIWS. Is there any truth to the rumour that in its early days it sometimes refused to engage targets, prompting people to say CIWS really stood for Christ, It Won't Shoot?

  5. Don't forget, Iran's navy halves in size during the summer months when they have to return Butlin's novelty pedalos

    Actually, you can be pretty assured that the LAST thing the Iranians want is any engagement with the US Navy. They might be crazy but they're not stupid.


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