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Monday, 9 January 2012

How Big?

Just in case you need to know

Click on map to open in Browser.

H/T to terrence for sending me the link.


  1. It's well known men obsess about length (& lie about it), while women are more interested in girth.
    Is the chart in fact all made up?

  2. I'd challenge the accuracy of that map ..

    I think the UK has the biggest pricks in the world ..

    And they're all in Parliament ..

  3. If politicians and corruption have anything to do with this, it confirms what we've long suspected about South America and parts of Africa...

  4. I'm moving to China where I can stand *ahem* head and shoulders above them.

  5. Well I never! I seem to have some Congolese blood in me.


  6. I once met a lady who, let's say, liked to live life to the full.

    Our conversation happened to turn to the subject of this posting, and I asked her if the stereotypes were true. She said that the thing about black men was, from her experience, a myth, but the thing about Oriental men was true.

    I was unable to assess the statistical validity of what she said, as I thought she might slap my face if I asked about her standard deviation.


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