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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Climate Realist fights back

A couple of days ago I posted how a UK blogger going by the name of “Tallbloke” was served a court order by six of the plod and had two computers and a router removed from his house.

The warrant was executed on behalf of a request from the American Ministry of Justice, to Norfolk police.

Since then it transpires that an American Blogger over at this site, wrote a libellous diatribe accusing Tallbloke of being a thief.

of course if you visit that site now, you will only find a hastily sanitised version of the post. I was shocked when I read the original post and so would you be if you’d seen it. (Others have screen shots of the original post)

Anyway Roger (Tallbloke) is not taking this lightly as his livelyhood is at stake, so he may take the author of the post through the Libel courts for defamation.

There is a fighting fund being organised over at Watts up with that. Believe you me the donations are flooding in. If you believe that the truth about the whole global warming scam is being manipulated by a now frightened core of fanatics who will do anything to stop their religion from being scuppered, then donate what you can. I know times are hard, but every little bit counts.


  1. interesting 15 mins reading the comments shame he isn't accepting anymore comments. If thats the editted post I can't imagine what the original was like. He hasn't apolgised or retracted what he said though, so no get out. Greg (bin) laden could be history finance wise.

  2. The original quite frankly accused Tallbloke as an out and out thief. I'll see if I can get a copy.

  3. "Lots of work prepping him for GROWING UP IN A WARMING CLIMATE!!!!"

    Despite the *fact* that the earth's temperature hasn't increased in over a decade despite increases in CO2.

    AGW - it's a religion, a cult. There is no science. Anyone mad enough to believe it is like this bloke - beyond hope.

    Hope Tallbloke ensures he can only ever dream of owning his own laptop in the future.

  4. A few days after Climategate (1) a chap from the Met Office proudly told me that they had located the actual PC from which the e-mails had been sent. ie they were not "stolen" from without at all.


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