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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Remember them




  2. Don't be arsed mate, I have only a couple of pertinent points to say and they are: 'Remembrance Day' should have had a close off day. One day this will happen and we can remember all those who have fallen in past wars.
    May God keep them safe till we are reunited.
    We should not have to re-iterate the sentiment for all those living NOW and are yet to become fallen personnel. The price for those sending troops into unjust and illegal wars is well known, not only that the price has to be paid by those who openly support these unjust and illegal wars.
    When the time come for these people face the music it will be too late to fumble around and try to hide the price HAS to be paid and those that are to pay it KNOW who they are.
    May God be merciful in his extraction of the price and not use the tactics they themselves use.
    My conscience is clear, I thank all those serving, dead and alive for their courageous service. The time is now to serve the 'people' and not the financial cartel.

    Namaste, rev;


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