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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Now I would have said something

Even if it was just, “Oh shit, we’re doomed”

People on board the lunchtime Exeter to Newcastle service saw the wheel break off as the landing gear retracted but ‘did not inform the cabin crew’.



  1. I was going to say I certainly would have said something, but then I thought that these days it takes so bloody long and you go through so many checks just to be allowed on the sodding aircraft I wouldn't want to have the plane turned around and returned to the airport and have to do it all again. I'd probably keep shtum until there was flames coming out of somewhere, a big crack in the wing, or the prop had let all the blades go and nailed the stewardess to the toilet door by her head. A wheel? Meh, it'll still be missing whichever airport we end up trying to land at.

  2. Your headline is exactly what I said to our maintenance manager today on reading that. :)

  3. Adds a whole new meaning to the expression "The wheel's just come off" .. ;)

  4. This incident occurred back in March!

    Our host might be interested in the official report, which gives some detail of the wheel bearing failure:

    He might also get some satisfaction from reading that a company engineer happened to be a passenger, and was able to help with the problem. The days when aircraft crew included an engineer are long gone..

    Pedant alert - that picture is of a Saab 340 that Flybe used to operate...


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