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Friday, 11 November 2011

Be afraid, very afraid

I wonder if the boy wonder has seen this? If he hasn’t then he’s incompetent, or at the very worst, incapable  of running this country. Call me Dave needs to grow a pair, and front up against this attack on our  economy. And to think I was a lifelong conservative.

It’s in german but it is subtitled.

Thanks to Subrosa for jogging my memory on this


  1. That is extremely worrying ..

    But I don't think e-petitions are the answer, as I've written elsewhere .. they're about as futile as writing to Santa Claus & will elicit much the same level of response ..

  2. There's an English version but I dunno, somehow it seems appropriate listening to it in German.

  3. This clip deserves to be as widely aired as possible ..

    If ever there was a clarion call to the real, ever-present and future dangers of remaining part of the EU, then this is it ..

  4. Of course Cameron knows all about it.

    In encouraging the formation of a de facto Eurozone government (Prop. A , Merkel) and supporting the euro with our money he is deliberately trying to ensure that these 17 countries will have a permanent working majority over Britain and the other 9 non euro countries FOREVER.

    A little late in the day he is whimpering now and then about the continuous attack from Brussels on the City of London. The EU wants a financial transaction tax because 70% of Europe's financial transactions take place in London. But his whimperings and occasional growls can only be of the phoney "In Europe but not run by Europe"type.

    He must have decided already that, if the euro bail out is successful, the City of London can be dealt with as Heath did the fishermen. It's the only logical outcome of present policy (if it does not fail)

    Don't forget that the Lisbon treaty baldly states that the euro is the currency of the EU FULL STOP,

    Cameron and his pals all know that.

  5. "Cameron and his pals all know that."

    They know that if they toe the EU line there is a place on the EU gravy train awaiting them.

  6. Ancient + Tattered Airman12 November 2011 at 22:32

    As has been remarked elsewhere, George Orwell had it right, only his predicted date of 1984 was wrong.

  7. George Orwell should have titled it "2014". It's like a slow motion car smash that you know you can't get out of.


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