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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

1979 again?

Remember the storming of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979?

It would seem it’s our turn now to be invaded.

Several dozen Iranian students have stormed the UK embassy in Tehran, chanting “death to England” and bringing down the British flag.

Reports by the Mehr news agency that six UK staff had been taken hostage when students raided a north Tehran diplomatic compound were withdrawn shortly after they were posted. No explanation was given for the report, nor its removal.

Iranian police have reportedly used water cannons to push the protesters back from the embassy’s main entrance and force them to climb down from the gate.

The police have managed to take control of the rally and forced all but some 50 protesters to leave the territory of the embassy.


  1. All I can think of is how effective a short run with carpet bombs would be...

    (New Mexico, USA)

  2. Wonder how many thousands of Iranian "Walts" will claim to have been on the balcony ? .. ;)


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