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Friday, 14 October 2011

What a Bufhuhne

I’m talking about our Energy Secretary here.

noddy car

The proposed motorway speed limit increase to 80mph should only apply to electric vehicles, according to energy secretary Chris Huhne.

He certainly hasn’t done any research has he? To find the info below took me five minutes

Speed and Performance - electric cars can cover the full range of speed performance, from neighborhood electric vehicles that only get up to 25 mph to high perfomance cars like the Tesla Roadster which can reach 85-90 mph.  However, the average electric car available in the UK will comfortably reach 50-55 mph.  This is lower than even a small 1.1L petrol car although arguably in the city this more than adequate for the top speeds you will be legally allowed to do.

The cheapest Tesla you can buy is expected to sell for £40,000. And that would include the electric car grant.

So we’re not going to see many cars doing 80 mph on the motorways. And the ones that do will most likely be parked on the hard shoulder with flat batteries, due to the fact that charging points are few and  far between.

Nice one, Mr Huhne. Now go to the back of the class.


  1. face/palm

    What is this obsession with electric cars?

    Power has to be produced somehow and the internal combustion engine is, I believe, far more efficient than recharging batteries. Just because we can't see or smell the pollution doesn't mean it isn't being created......

  2. Quite. Electricity doesn't grow on trees. I has to come from somewhere.

  3. Someone worked out that if all cars were electric, a 2 mile wide strip of land growing biofuel, either side of every motorway & "A" road, would be needed to supply them.
    Also, an audit of bird slicers found that the carbon emitted during construction, & from producing their materials, means they must run for over ten years at full capacity* before they save anything.

    Huhne is an utter hoon.

    * As any fule kno, not one has yet run at full capacity - the average is approx 30%. So that's 30 years to break even, with a design life of 20 years (less at sea)!

  4. Every time that man opens his trap he just shows himself up to be a complete tosser!

  5. "However, the average electric car available in the UK will comfortably reach 50-55 mph."

    Fuck me! Even my clapped out Panda 4x4 will do that - and keep it up for 300 miles without refuelling. And despite a total lack of aerodynamic refinement it manages 40+ mpg, but then it's not carting a bloody great battery pack around...

    And have you seen the fuckwit has done a "U" turn over nuclear energy?

  6. To refer to Huhne as being a weapons-grade cunt .. is to do a grave dis-service to one of my favourite parts of the female anatomy ..

    And why has the smug, pompous little turd not been charged yet ?

    Or, are they hoping we've all forgotten about it ??

    No feckin' chance !!!!

  7. Charged? Charged? I'm surprised no one has hung him from a lamp post yet. although that may be in consideration of the poor bastards in sanitation that'd have to clean up afterwords.

  8. I'm waiting for him to be charged with perverting the course of justice over his speeding summons.

    Oh please let him be charged.

  9. "Charged? Charged?" - As he's so keen on electric propulsion perhaps we could try charging him with a suitable power supply. I believe most of the electric/hybrid vehicles have battery packs operating in the order of 2-300 volts DC. That should do nicely! There is also the benefit that you can't let go of a DC supply, as it "locks" your muscles...

  10. Yep .. 300 volts DC applied to his bollocks will soon establish the truth of his claim that he wasn't driving & got his missus to take the speeding points on his behalf ..

    And when found guilty .. he should be strapped, naked .. to a large blade of one of his beloved bird mincers & simply left there to die ..

  11. Prius @ 70mph, > 70 mpg.

    And after a 300 mile trip you step out refreshed, instead of having to go to hospital.

    In early morning traffic, 46 mpg, silently, and no congestion charge or road tax

    Yes I know it's got an engine/generator, but that is based on the Atkinson cycle, which is different..I'm sure the FE can describe it far better than I ever could.

  12. They've stopped producing the Tesla Roadster now anyway, haven't they? What a cock socket.


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