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Saturday, 1 October 2011


It would seem that the AGW proponents may have been using the wrong instruments to measure atmospheric temperatures.

They’ve been using Infrared thermometers. However these instruments are deliberately manufactured so as to ignore water vapour and CO2.

Probably the most important advance in infrared thermometry has been the
introduction of selective filtering of the incoming IR signal, which has been
made possible by the availability of more sensitive detectors and more
stable signal amplifiers. Whereas the early IRT’s required a broad spectral
band of IR to obtain a workable detector output, modern IRT’s routinely have
spectral responses of only 1 micron.
The need to have selected and narrow spectral responses arises because it is
often necessary to either see through some form of atmospheric or other
interference in the sight path, or in fact to obtain a measurement of a gas or
other substance which is transparent to a broad band of IR energy.

Some common examples of selective spectral responses are 8-14 microns,
which avoids interference from atmospheric moisture over long path
measurements; 7.9 microns which is used for the measurement of some thin
film plastics; and 3.86 microns which avoids interference from CO2 and H2O…………..

The manufacturers website is HERE. Page Z64

You can read the whole lot over at Climate Realists

Now can we stop building those sodding Bird Mincers Mr Huhne?

H/T to Duff and Nonsense


  1. Thank you for the mention, kind sir.

  2. need to correct for mach heating and coriolis effects to


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