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Monday, 10 October 2011

How to get around call centre menus?

Just a little vid to help you get through to human on the end of the phone, without having to press all those pesky numbers


If you find that you still get no sense you could call the Chief Executive of the company if you are that desperate.


  1. Back in the days when I had a phone (I still have the line for internet and every bugger I buy from 'needs' a phone number) I was able to get through to a human by the simple expedient of pressing the hash key three or four times. Completely screws their systems.

  2. Sometimes if you just press the next number in the sequence works. However they are getting wise to that.

  3. Thanks, FE. Duly added GetHuman to my bookmarks. I checked Royal Mail and found others had tried and failed to speak to someone...


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