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Thursday, 27 October 2011



I’m now up and running on my new computer. And what a delight it is.

Having just spent the last couple of days transferring files and pics to this one, it’s nice to know that I’ve something reliable to work with.

Buying a new computer does come with a downside though. This one came bundled with a wireless keyboard and Mouse. These have now been consigned to the darkest cupboard, as they are the cheapest, badly designed, peripherals  I have come across in a long time.

The Mouse was the size of a football,compared to my old mouse, and the keys on the keyboard felt as if they were made from the inside of a swiss cheese.

One of my biggest problems was in setting up an Email programme for Mrs FE. As the ISP account holder it’s easy to set up my Email. however to set up my wife’s account is always a pain in the Arse. I find that she can send Emails, but not receive them. However I’ve now got that sorted.

Another problem is that at the moment I’m running with unsecured wiFi due to the inability of the onboard WiFi adapter to accept my Routers instructions. Apparently my Router is of a higher standard than the onboard WiFi can cope with.

That’s now sorted as a new wireless dongle plopped onto  the mat this morning. the WiFi was secure in minutes.

So now you get the chance to read at least another five years of my ridiculous posts. You have been warned.


  1. Good. I don't know what I would do without you.

  2. I try to keep people amused. Though I find inspiration at times is difficult. (The whisky helps).

  3. I thought wives were permanently set to send as upon switching to receive, one's speakers blew. Speak up, can't hear you...

  4. Dunno why people bother with an ISP e-mail account, just use Yahoo!, it's easy, free and your password can be as complicated or simple as you like.

    If you really value your files and pics I would strongly advise you to back them up onto an external hard drive, twice, as they themselves are not immune to corruption. 1 tetrabyt drives can be had for about £100, I recommend Staples office supplies for bog standard value.

  5. Yay! Glad you are not leaving anytime soon. Terrific blog.

  6. There is actually a couple of easier ways to do networking other than over insecure wireless (and yes, if the attacker is prepared to sit and monitor the wifi for long enough, it is ALL insecure).

    Firstly, run CAT-5 or similar cable from the router to the computer; a straight-through cable will do the trick most times.

    Secondly, use Solwise ethernet-through-mains adapters. These claim 200 MBits/sec, and usually work out at about 20 MBytes/sec on most installations. The signal doesn't leak out of the mains cables much, so it can't easily be intercepted, plus you don't have to worry about signal strength as much.


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