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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Green Jobs explained


Or not.


  1. Not entirely off topic but half an hour ago there was some numpty on Radio 2 'Steve Wright In The Afternoooon' poncing on about "1 million Young unemployed".
    His fake charity had done a survey about which careers young people wanted to follow (nearly there) and "amazingly" hardly any wanted to work in The Environment or Green Energy. To his horror a full 70% wished to find fame and fortune in Media & Creative (just like him and Steve in fact).

    "Young people are very aware of the environment but for some reason don't want to work in the sector."

    Too right mate, you have bored them stiff with your ceaseless rantings. His solution?
    "More engagement, more hightening of awareness, addressing the issues...blah blah blah" by then I had reached home and switched him off.

  2. I don't know which is worse - a "Green" job, or one in "Media & Creative"...

    Neither serve any useful purpose.

  3. "Green jobs" ?

    Normally associated with one of my catering offloads, after a good vindaloo .. ;)


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