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Friday, 9 September 2011

Trouble with overheating?

My service to the motoring public.


  1. Radiator? Looked like an expansion tank to me. Huh, women.

  2. I shall refrain from passing comment .. over here on the naughty step .. ;)

  3. Yes Captain. You're nothing but trouble.

    Take one hundred lines.

    I must not add wry comments to FE's Blog.

  4. @ FE ..

    Trouble ???

    Dunno what you mean .. ;)

    You know what we Booties are like .. Heh, heh ..

  5. "What happened to fan belts?" ..

    They went out of fashion as soon as Wrens stopped wearing stockings .. ;)

  6. too bad, I wanted her to show us how to lash one up with what she was wearing.

  7. "What happened to fan belts?" - They're known as "Accessory Belts" these days. Virtually all radiator fans are electrically powered, and the belts have to drive alternators, Aircon pumps, power steering pumps, water pumps, etc. Lose that and you're pretty well f***ed...

    This has been a technical help post by microdave®

  8. Those leather seats must be hot.

    Did I hear her shout "ouch, ouch, ouch" as she sat down? Might have just been my over-active imagination. :)


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