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Thursday, 15 September 2011

My fat Public service pension

I listened to the whining yesterday from the public sector unions about how they were being subjected in the future to massive increases in their pension payments. Of course they wheeled on a poor downtrodden teacher who intimated that she would have to pay another £200 per month into her pension. Absolute rot.

I should know how much the cost would be, as actually I’m in  receipt of one of those civil service pensions. (I’m glad I got that out of the way, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t storm FE towers calling for my immediate burning at the stake).

This teacher must be on a very high salary, by my calculations about £90,000 if the 3% rise in contributions is implemented.

What strikes me about these muppets is that they have no idea how featherbedded they are. A maximum of a 43 hour week, 30 days holiday per year, (Ooodles more if you’re a teacher) and almost no possibility of the sack.  (I should know. It took me two years before I managed to get rid of a complete incompetent).

I’ve worked alongside civil servants in the Ministry of Defence and it was like living in parallel universes. They had a strict hours regime of 43 hours per week. Mine were in the region of 54 at the least, just to keep the ships I was looking after, functioning at the basic level. In fact when on-board said ships my weekly hours were regularly 70  or more.

What made matters worse, was the attitude of these servants of the crown. It was an attitude that had no recognition that they, by their laissez faire working, they might actually be prejudicing peoples lives.



A suckler on the teat of the crown.

*Note to self. Re-inforce the doors.

PS. I presume that when all these “public servants” go on strike, I’ll be able to claim back some of my council tax for services not rendered.

Fuck me I’ve just seen a squadron of flying pigs overhead.


  1. Right, I've got the rope. Who brought the wood and oil?

  2. Sadly, it seems that some teachers actually ARE on £90,000 a year!

  3. ".......... these muppets is that they have no idea how featherbedded they are. "

    You forgot to mention their "Sick"-Days allowance.

    Some have 20 - 30 extra, unaccountable, days off every year.

    Some even get paid not to do the job they're employed to do (All those full-time & part-time Union Reps)

    Oh, and, quite a number have extended periods of fully-paid 'gardening' leave.

  4. Employees in my old company contribute nearly three times what I paid but after 40 years service will be eligible for at most only a 40% of final salary pension yet the unions expect them to continue to contribute to the inflated pensions of the civil servants.

    Can't see Dave standing up to them though.

  5. If you want an interesting moment about public service pensions watch last nights Question Time with Owen Paterson NI Secretary when asked about his pension.


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