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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

How to



A Public service announcement.


  1. Ahh yes .. Miss "Spannerface" ..

    Well .. she certainly made my nuts tighten up .. ;)

  2. Funny how she turned the shut-off valve anticlockwise when isolating the supply, as well as when reinstating it. I hereby claim my £10 reward for superior observational powers....

  3. Microdave - Valve? Supply? Was she doing something?

  4. Like I said - "superior observational powers...."

    And yes, I WAS looking at her as well - I wouldn't want you to think I was mates with Mrs Dale...

  5. Its impossible to say anything about plumbing that isn't a double-entendre. O-o

    Always hate following behind someone who uses an adjustable spanner. Add to the list, replace all fittings for ones where the flats haven't been rounded.


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