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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Coming to your home soon

Just a warning

I hope you’ve signed up for those obligatory solar panels.


  1. I like the delicious irony that certain influential Yanks (Al Gore + Co) believed their own hype:-

    Let their IceBreaking fleet fall into disrepair:

    Now can't replenish the Fossil Fuels needed by their Global Warming Research Scientists to keep warm & operational in the Antarctic:

    Despite proven reserves of coal at the Antarctic:

    That international treaties prohibit extraction of from there.

    A location at which Solar Energy is unavailable virtually all winter:

    That wind power can't satisfy because the rotors freeze or the wind velocity is too great.

  2. She could cum round at my house anytime .. ;)

  3. This is a clean blog captain. Wash your mouth out..................

  4. Make a note in your diary/calender/whatever - Al Bore is getting Really desperate now, and September 14th is to be "Climate Reality" day...

    A little birdy informs me that a certain Mr Farquar may be lining up some broadsides...

  5. Al Gore is without doubt the Antichrist

  6. "This is a clean blog captain. Wash your mouth out.................. "

    Oh, er, yeah .. right Chiefy .. ;)

  7. I was Engineer on a large housing project (expensive pads btw) where we replaced the planned roof solar panels (Architect's idea) with heat exchangers (Engineer's idea) instead. Far more cost-effective and efficient in the short and long term. Reasons were very much similar to those you include. The feasibility calcs were interesting once the facts became known.

    Anyone can knock up a simple solar heat exchanger out of cheap materials. The majority of energy needed to heat water is at the lower end of the temp scale. That's where the heat exchanger does its work. It raises the starting temp so your boiler has less to do.

  8. The Southern Europeans heat all their water using this method.

    Thanks BD

  9. Destroying Captain Carbon


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